Classic Vehicles

Classic Vehicles

The Hayburner Special:

Classic vehicles are our main focus here at Hayburner Insurance. We live and breathe classics, and have done for years. We’re obsessed with all marques and models, and can provide accurate, competitive insurance quotes for even the rarest or most obscure classic cars. 

As a magazine featuring all sorts of classics (although mostly VWs) our specialisation is very definitely classic cars.

There are more and more insurance aggregators online, but very few of them actually seem to be able to provide accurate quotes for our treasured classics. They also don’t offer the bespoke, caring service that should go with insuring a classic vehicle. These are old pieces of moving art, and deserve to be treated as such!

Another issue we’ve spotted over the years is ‘classics tax’, similar to the infamous ‘scene tax’ that seems to add a certain percentage to the parts and accessories for various popular vehicle marques, ‘classics tax’ seems to be the trend among some insurers of adding X% onto classics simply because they’re old and potentially valuable.

This isn’t a thing with Hayburner insurance. We know the market, and we understand how to properly value and quote for any vehicle you can bring to us.


What does Hayburner Insurance include?

We’re always striving to give you the best possible insurance for your classic vehicle, at a competitive, sensible price.

Here are some of the things that come as part of a Hayburner Insurance policy:

  • Optional Agreed Valuation
  • Up to £2,000 contents cover*
  • Full salvage retention rights*
  • Up to £10,000 in legal cover*

Often the market value listed for many classics doesn’t properly reflect the actual value if the vehicle if you sold it. This is why we make sure our Agreed Value is so good. In the event in a ‘total loss’ accident the insurance pay out will be based on the agreed valuation of your specific vehicle, rather than the general market value at the time.

Each and every policy from Hayburner Insurance comes with free Legal Cover of up to £100,000, which will cover you and the costs which may be incurred by you after an accident for which you are not at fault.

This cover includes:


  • Cover of up to £100,000, covering hires, repairs and legal expenses that follow an accident in the UK or Europe
  • Expert legal advice and help pursuing a claim for losses which aren’t already covered by existing insurance
  • Assistance claiming injury or loss compensation for you and any passangers
  • Like-for-like replacement vehicles, where possible, to help you get back on the road if the accident occurred in the UK or Europe
  • The option of having your repairs organised and funded by us
  • A number of useful helplines


* Subject to policy selection.