Our Policies

We offer specialist insurance policies, perfect for VW, classic and standard vehicle owners. We are dedicated to providing our customers with policies to suit their ever changing needs and so regularly update our policy ranges, allowing customers receive complete protection. With prices starting at £15, choose from a number of great additions to your policy;

  • Agreed value, instead of receiving current market value if your vehicle is a Total Loss
  • Personal protection, covers all car passengers in the event of an incident, up to £20,000
  • Legal cover, up to £100,000 complimentary cover following an accident in the UK or EU

Motorhome Cover

If you're looking for campervan or motor home insurance, then we can build a policy which is as snug as your home away from home. Our insurance policies cover a range of classic vehicles like yours to ensure you're fully covered whether you are motoring in the UK or overseas. Motor homes are not like an ordinary car; they were designed for the road and to provide a comfortable bed for the night. That's why they're such a favourite for touring as well as for festival-goers, bands and surfing.

If you're going on the road, you can include roadside assistance home and abroad in your motor home insurance policy. If you own a classic motor home, a traditional insurance company may not appreciate its true value. We understand that you invest a lot of time and money in your camper and can include an Agreed Valuation clause in your policy to protect it.

Commercial Vehicle

Volkswagens have long been the workhorse for many traders and businesses alike. In recognition of this, Just Kampers can now provide insurance cover for your commercial vehicle and much like the policies we have to offer for classic dubs, we’re sure you will not be disappointed with the features and benefits available with any commercial vehicle policy.

Modified Car Insurance from the Experts

The modified car scene has become well established in recent years, and so modified car owners are beginning to have a wider range of companies to choose from when searching for insurance these days. However, finding good-quality insurance cover for a modified car at a sensible price is still not easy, especially so if you have a high performance model or if you are a younger driver.

Enthusiasts frequently find that companies that claim to cover modified cars often cant or wont give a quote on their particular model or to drivers of their profile. Some wont give a quote to modders under 30. And so, all too frequently, modified car owners have to compromise, either on price or level and quality of cover.

Fortunately, there is another option. As specialists in covering all modified and custom vehicles, we have an wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge of the modding scene. This means that we can offer you a top-notch modified car policy at incredibly low prices.